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Kindybook has been used continuously and exclusively by educators since 2008. With powerful and unique features developed from a demand for better work systems from early learning educators, supervisors and management. Everything you need to achieve an exceeding quality rating for all seven quality areas of the NQS is at your fingertips.

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Unlike many similar systems that only provide a small percentage of paperless functionality, Kindybook is an efficient, online observation and quality management system that is 100% paperless.

Designed to be used in any educational management environment and across multiple settings by an unlimited number of users, Kindybook eliminates the need for copying, printing, filing, retrieving and manually searching for lost documents.


With Kindybook recording of NQS compliance and rating and assessment of all ACECQA OECEC elements is efficient and paperless. Therefore there’s no need to keep paper files for specified rating period to justify compliance.

NQS data is quickly retrieved for viewing or editing and staff can comprehensively and accurately record, assess and add supporting evidence for any specified rating period online at anytime and anywhere. Kindybook provides the regulatory authority with access to view all submission data.


Kindybook’s email notification system, integrated Feedback Loop and 24 hour access ensures parent and family engagement is guaranteed. This allows for a better understanding each child’s learning, improving their personal progress.

Families can view group daily diaries, children’s personal portfolios, access service information including the philosophy, policies and quality improvement plan and they can keep up to date with through the News and Events features.


Kindybook is committed to delivering a secure and private online system as we understand the privacy of families and children is extremely important.

Educators can be assured that their information entered online remains private and confidential outside of the appropriate users access and families privacy is maintained as their children’s data is only ever viewed by those permitted to do so.


Kindybook sets new standards allowing educators to simultaneously record multi-paged observations and create programs for a group or for individual children in a single data entry process.

Observations use photographic and anecdotal evidence, assessment and learning outcomes linked to the curriculum framework. Instantly uploaded data ensures each child’s learning is holistic and progressive.


You can create any curriculum within Kindybook with the flexibility to use multiple curriculums at the one service.

Kindybook allows experienced educators to quickly train new staff. Retrieve deleted data at anytime without loss. Adapt each child’s progress when transitioning as learning and development data is always accessible.


Upload photos from any internet enabled device to the unique Kindybook Picture Shelf. Create multi-paged group daily diaries and children’s observations with ease.

Kindybook’s Pictures for You feature automatically sends images to family members to view and update their child’s personal portfolio. Families enjoy the gallery of photos from their child’s first day of attendance through to graduation.


Kindybook’s integrated communication Feedback Loop management tool can quickly and effectively monitor each child’s learning and development by having instant online access to all recorded data and monitoring reports for groups and individual children.

Educational leaders, supervisors and co-ordinators can easily provide valuable feedback to educators and staff about recorded observations and programs for children to improve quality.


Kindybook allows for easy management of staff rosters across multiple centres with online access from anywhere at anytime.

Kindybook also helps keep parents and families up to speed with latest news and upcoming events calendar from within your early learning centre. Keep updated trading hours, public holidays, staff birthdays, special events and much more.

The World’s most advanced early learning system

Kindybook is a system that is setting new standards in Early Learning Management Software. With detailed NQS compliance, assessment and rating submissions that are delivered through a 100% paperless system that saves users valuable time each and every week.

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